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Fake Google ads can lead you to download malware

Malicious Google ads, also known as "malvertising," are ads that have been designed to infect a user's computer with malware. […]

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MEV bots are a scam - they will drain all of your deposits!

Beware of MEV bots on social media. These scams advertise themselves as a way to make money on Uniswap, often […]

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Public WiFi is not secure

Free WiFi is now widely available in many places like airports, hotels, and coffee shops. This can be convenient for […]

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Using hashcat to recover your passwords

Hashcat is a password recovery tool that uses brute-force or dictionary attacks to recover passwords from hashes. It is a […]

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Address poisoning attack

In this scenario, the attacker creates a vanity address that is similar to the victim's address in order to trick […]

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What is a ransomware attack?

How do ransom­ware attacks work? Ransom­ware encrypts all the files on your device so that you can’t access them with­out […]

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