Secure Hosting

Gain peace of mind by securing all your websites. We fix hacks and prevent future attacks.

Why secure hosting?

Did you know that your website is a mirror of your company, therefore keeping your website secured from hackers and thieves will increase your confidence and reputation, thus increasing your business.

Web servers are one of the most targeted servers, because it consist of sensitive data therefor securing a web server is more important than the website itself. If you have a secure web application/website and an insecure web server, it still puts your business at an enormous risk.

If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will probably be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.

Features of our hosting


• Fast and well equipped servers
• Uptime 99,9%
• Stable
• Daily monitoring of servers and server performance
• Software is always up-to-date


• WAF (web application firewall) Modsecurity + our custom rules
• Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
• DDOS Protection
• Secure mail service
• Daily monitoring
• Brute Force protection
• Block malicious IP addresses


• Data leaking protection
• Stripping EXIF data
• Protection against Bad Bots
• Anti-spam
• Google Alerts (if sensitive information appear in Google results)
• Email Alert (if your account has been compromised in a data breach)


• Encrypted daily backups of files and databases
• Free assistant for hacked website
• Secure wiping of data (in case of termination of the contract we will wipe all the data)

Ready for Action?

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