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NEWS / Alvosec has become a Block Producer for XPR Network.

What you need to know

What is XPR Network?

XPR Network is a new public blockchain and smart contract platform designed for both consumer applications and peer-to-peer payments. It is built around a secure identity and financial settlements layer that allows users to directly link real identity and fiat accounts, pull funds and buy crypto, and use that crypto seamlessly in apps.

XPR Network provides a secure, verified identity account that is integrated with a financial settlement layer that allows users to directly link this identity with fiat accounts, pull funds and buy crypto, and use that crypto seamlessly in apps, all without sending any of the user’s private, sensitive information.

For more about XPR Network click here.

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What Is A Block Producer?

Block producer is a term used in blockchain ecosystems that use Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), which allows users to vote block producers to validate and generate blocks. Block producers are also known as delegates or witnesses. They are in charge of producing new blocks that contain recent network transactions as well as blockchain evidence that the chain's present state is legitimate.

Ownership Disclosure

Alvosec operates as a block producer funded solely by our company, with no reliance on external or third-party financial backing for our project.

Node specification

Alvosec is using an enterprise server equipped with the latest
Intel® Core™ i7-8700, 64 GB of RAM and NVMe storage devices to guarantee the best performance and redundancy. All servers are stored in data center of Hetzner.

Security of block producer

We take security seriously, that's why our main focus will be to provide most secure block production. That can be achieved by implementing security practices such as full isolation of block producer as we already did. Other features that we provide as block producer are DDOS protection, emergency response plan, multiple backups, honeypot to catch and recognize early attacks and analyzing indicators of potential security threats. We have added another layer of security for our API endpoint - including DDOS protection against Layer 3, Layer 4 & Layer 7 attacks.

Server status

All systems are up and running.
08.02.2024 - Successfully upgraded BP on MainNet to Leap 5.0.0.

- Successfully upgraded BP on TestNet to Leap 5.0.0.

If you have still problem please report an issue on

Mainnet endpoints


Current XPR price:



Security is our priority


As you may already know Alvosec is part of HackerOne since 2017, where thousands of hackers are trying to find backdoor to our systems. Therefor we will try to raise security awareness for block producers.


We will try to gather information to identify possible attack vectors in order to protect users from malicious attackers. Having an experience in running honeypots and IDS systems, gives us possibility to develop a strategy against early stage attacks.


There are various methods used to increase awareness of cybersecurity, one of them is for sure sharing knowledge. Our mission is to write articles for a blog, where any user could benefit from it.

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