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Guarding Against the Shadows: Social Engineering's Evolution with AI

Social engineering relies on psychological manipulation, exploiting traits like trust, fear, or curiosity to deceive individuals and gain access to […]

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What is the CIA Triad?

The "CIA triad" stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, forming a widely used model for developing security systems. It is […]

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Beware of Deceptive Social Engineering Tactics: Unveiling the Calendly Scam

In recent times, an alarming social engineering scam has surfaced, specifically targeting individuals who have been contacted by someone claiming […]

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DankBP Deception: A Mirage in the Virtual Veil

This is a follow-up to our initial research, uncovering that ProtonKiwi was operating two BPs, which goes strictly against XPR […]

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Unmasking Sock Puppets: The Quest for True Decentralization in the XPR Network

Welcome to the shadowy world of online deception, where the allure of quick riches often collides with the harsh reality […]

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The rise of account takeovers on 𝕏

In the last two weeks, the 𝕏 platform experienced a series of account takeovers affecting well-known accounts like Phantom, Mandiant, […]

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