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What is DNS and how it works?

In our increasingly digital world, the Domain Name System (DNS) plays a vital role in connecting our devices to websites. […]

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How to Improve CPU execution time on your Antelope node

The CPU governor is a crucial component that regulates the CPU's frequency and power usage. By default, Linux servers often […]

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Clipboard-injector attacks target cryptocurrency users in copy-paste heists

Kaspersky analysts have issued a warning about a surge of trojanized Tor Browser installers that are infecting users in Russia […]

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Lazarus hackers now targets Linux users

Lazarus, a notorious hacking group, has launched a new campaign called "Operation DreamJob," targeting Linux users with malware for the […]

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How to format USB drive to the NTFS file system (Linux)

You can format a USB drive to the NTFS file system in Linux Debian using the following steps: sudo fdisk […]

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Don't blur sensitive information

In today's digital age, privacy is a critical concern. Many individuals and organizations use blurring techniques to conceal sensitive information […]

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