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The most common NFT scams

With the NFT euphoria, it’s no surprise that scammers are on the hunt for a paycheck. The good news is […]

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Important! 5 ways to backup WebAuth private key

In this guide we will introduce you to private keys, their importance inside a cryptocurrency wallet and the reasons why […]

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What is SIM swapping?

SIM swap fraud occurs when scammers take advantage of a weakness in two-factor authentication and verification and use your phone […]

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How to authorize another user to your WebAuth wallet?

Wallet security and keeping private keys safe is the most important part of any crypto application/platform's infrastructure. If the private […]

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7 Security Principles you need to know

The explosion of high-quality application development frameworks has been a boon to the world’s software. It’s easier than ever to […]

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What is a Security Policy?

The word “security” itself covers a vast range of concepts, tools and procedures, none of which apply universally. Choosing among […]

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