MEV bots are a scam - they will drain all of your deposits!


Beware of MEV bots on social media. These scams advertise themselves as a way to make money on Uniswap, often with a large number of views on YouTube. However, they are actually just proxy contracts that forward your ETH deposits to a bad actor's account. These scams are successful because they deceive users into thinking that the smart contract can profit from DEX trades by monitoring the mempool and frontrunning transactions, but in reality it is just stealing your deposits. Be cautious of any contracts claiming to be UniswapLiquidityBots.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Here is a screenshot of YouTube channel that promotes this type of scam:

A smart contract includes hidden parameters that allow an attacker to drain your deposits.

Harry.eth posted on Twitter interesting thread regrading this scam.

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