We have become a Block Producer on XPR Network ⚛️


We are excited to announce that we have become Block Producer on XPR Network ⚛️ ecosystem. We have learned a lot through the process of becoming a Block Producer and right now we are ready to contribute to the XPR ecosystem.

Security is our priority

We are primarily focused to provide greater security for the ecosystem itself and for all Proton users. As you may already know Alvosec is part of HackerOne since 2017, where thousands of hackers have tried to break our systems. Through similar platforms we gained knowledge and experience to develop a strategy against early stage attacks. Our mission in Proton chain will be to advise in implementing stronger security practices and raise security awareness for entire community. We have already launched a honeypot that will trap attackers and monitor their activities to enhance network security.

For more: https://alvosec.com/block-producer/

Giving back to the community

We believe in giving back and helping out the community, therefore our plan is to publish articles to increase awareness of cybersecurity. Also we will publish general articles to guide users how to use Proton services properly.

Digital marketing campaign will be launched triannually, all of our work will be transparent and available to all Proton users to share with others.

#1 Position in Google with keyword: block producer security

Node specification

Alvosec is using an enterprise server equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ i7-8700, 64 GB of RAM and NVMe storage devices to guarantee the best performance and redundancy.

Performance on Aloha EOS:

You support us, we support you

You can vote for Alvosec in the WebAuth.com and earn daily staking rewards, variable APR. We are grateful to all our voters.

Join our team

If you're interested in joining our team to assist in researching modern threats across web3, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.
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