Unmasking Sock Puppets: The Quest for True Decentralization in the XPR Network


Welcome to the shadowy world of online deception, where the allure of quick riches often collides with the harsh reality of scams.

Presenting our latest research of DankDollars and its ties to DankBP, a block producer on the XPR Network, as well as their relationship with ProtonKiwi. Over the past few days, we've come across information that contradicts the accurate description of DankBP, particularly concerning ownership. Let's begin by examining the details.

From this given website that is related to DankBP: https://dankdollars.co/ownership.txt, it' says that owner is Troy Sleep aka sleepcie. This is his username in some other social accounts.

The problem is that we don't have clear information about the supposed owner. Also, our check of publicly available information didn't show any obvious links between this owner and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, especially any involvement in XPR Network.

After checking various social media accounts belonging to him, we couldn't find any messages or posts indicating his participation in Web3.

We came across to this account: explorer.xprnetwork.org/account/sleepcie, which was created on September 22, 2021, with minimal activity since its creation. On October 10, 2021 it had interaction with Sarn from ProtonKiwi. It's essential to highlight that ProtonKiwi has never claimed, as far as we know, that he (Sarn) and Troy Sleep are friends or partners in this project. Even when DankBP was removed from the mainnet, he never took any action, which is quite unusual if someone considers them a "close friend" facing trouble. He stayed quiet, didn't discuss DankBP much, wasn't actively participating in their chat group, and didn't share many of their posts. Yet, strangely, he invested the most in "their" token.

Here is a Facebook profile of Troy Sleep and among his friends is also Sarn from ProtonKiwi.

After that, we examined the website of DankBP at https://dankdollars.co/ and found several similarities with Sarn's work. We've discovered that dankdollars.co is hosted on the same server as all of Sarn's other projects and websites, including his site bp.kiwi. The dankdollars.co website closely mirrors a similar approach, as evidenced by comparing the source code with another website created by Sarn. They share almost identical structure in terms of plugins, website builder, and technology.

On left DankDollars website, and on right Sarn's personal website

Both domains has been registered at same provider.

Here we can see what domains are hosted on the same server.

Public information of server where Sarn's websites are hosted as well as dankdollars.co:

IP of server:
Reverse name: vmi1222854.contaboserver.net

One of Sarn's projects show almost identical source code as on dankdollars website

Another example of error page, from Sarn's personal website and dankdollars.co.

DankBP website was made by Sarn and there is no doubt about this.

After checking the website, we investigated accounts, keys, and blockchain data to understand the connection between DankDollars and ProtonKiwi. As there is an abundance of unnecessary information, we won't include them in this article. Instead, our focus will be solely on the relevant details.

Here is an interesting transaction.

This transaction is linked to electronteam, the individual who minted a token named DANK. This token was minted on August 7, 2023. One particular interesting info is inside that iconurl (token logo image), after checking meta data of the picture, we found the author of picture was Sarn Elliott, owner of ProtonKiwi.

Screenshot that shows that Sarn made logo of DankDollars and pushed transaction to mint that token.

Also the file name has identical structure name, which is usually a specific habit of the user.



Keep in mind that, as far as we know, ProtonKiwi has not stated any connection to DankBP or involvement in token minting. Nevertheless, the following accounts are among the top 15 holders:


In their Telegram group, someone asked about the creator of $DANK token, and the owner Dank Dollars said it would stay anonymous.

Further undeniable evidence suggesting that ProtonKiwi is operating DankBP as a second block producer, which goes against the primary rules of the XPR Network, can be found in a video uploaded to his channel titled "Telos Proposal: Telos Voting Reform" on October 7, 2023.

Here is a video:

(Keep in mind that he is connected to the DankBP account through a WebAuth wallet, not cleos.) While cleos can simulate login without a private key, which is not the case with WebAuth.

We are sorry to notice that certain individuals are leaning towards engaging in unethical activities, but hopefully this will be a valuable lesson for those considering such paths.

Note: No information was obtained in an unethical way; all information used in this article is publicly available.

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