Managing your Proton Owner & Active Permissions


The permissions feature of Proton is one of the most powerful and robust tools available for all Proton accounts. A well-structured and secure permission system can be the difference between a slight inconvenience and losing access to your Proton account completely.

In this guide, we will show you how to take the first step in taking control of your own security by ensuring that your Owner key and Active key are different from one another.

Right now, your private key may be identical for your Owner and Active permissions. To check whether or not they are, visit, search for your account name, and check the “permissions” tab.

By default Proton wallet has 2 native permissions:

  • Owner: The Owner permission is the "root access" to your Proton wallet and symbolises ownership of the account. This key is needed to make any changes to the ownership the account.
  • Active: used for transferring funds, voting for producers, buying ram, etc.

From security perspective it is recommended to have two different private keys.

How to change private keys?

You can simply navigate to - log in to your account and click on wallet tab. Choose Keys and Permissions - Advanced and change active permission.

Now we have separated permissions like it shows on picture down below:

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