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5 ways to recover lost private key for XPR wallet?

Data recovery is the process of recovering files from either deleted, damaged, formatted, inaccessible device from which cannot be accessed […]

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Chainalysis - crypto criminals are becoming crypto whales

According to latest Chainalysis crypto crime report, criminals are becoming crypto whales, currently holding over $25 billion in cryptocurrency. That […]

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Another day, another scammer, but this time hacked one

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies has encouraged cybercriminals to find innovative ways to attack markets, users and any structure […]

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We have become a Block Producer on XPR Network ⚛️

We are excited to announce that we have become Block Producer on XPR Network ⚛️ ecosystem. We have learned a […]

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What is social engineering?

In a broader sense, any kind of manipulation linked to behavioral psychology can be considered social engineering. However, the concept […]

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What is a dusting attack and how to spot it?

A dusting attack refers to a relatively new kind of malicious activity where hackers and scammers try to gain access […]

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