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Infographic - Crypto scams and how to avoid them

We are presenting new infographic, where most of the popular scams are explained using simple terms, so that any user […]

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Hackers steal $655K after picking MetaMask seed from iCloud backup

MetaMask, cryptocurrency wallet provider, has sent out a notification to its community warning them that they may be susceptible to […]

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Don't feed the Phish!

As you all should know, nowadays phishing is a technique for attempting to acquire sensitive data, such as bank account […]

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How experienced crypto investor lost $1.7M in hot wallet hack?

Coinmarketcap shared a story, about crypto investor who lost $1.7M in hot wallet hack. The article stated: The founder of […]

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What is Rug Pull and how to avoid it?

Cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance (Defi) have become some of the most revolutionary financial inventions in recent history. Defi allows access […]

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There is nothing more expensive than something free

In the real world, many people would be suspicious about stepping into a shady-looking building with a sign that says […]

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