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Block producer on XPR Network

We are active member in the consortium and serve as a block producer on the XPR network.

Cryptocurrency penetration testing services

With the growing popularity of the crypto market, the larger number of attacks are present.

Network pentest

We conduct complete pentests on the entire network infrastructure.

App analysis

We are experts when it comes to application analysis, swap service etc.

Social engineering

We will prepare you to be ready against all techniques of attackers.

Order free pentest now

We offer free penetration testing for both your website and servers.


secure vpn

Choose your Alvosec VPN plan

Military Grade VPN focused on your security and privacy. VPN that can prevent ransomware, trojan and advanced attacks.


or 0 XPR
Unlimited speed and traffic
256-bit AES Encryption
1 device only


Unlimited speed and traffic
256-bit AES Encryption
Firewall & Snort IDS
1 device only


Unlimited speed and traffic
256-bit AES Encryption
Firewall & Snort IDS
Custom rules
2 device only


Unlimited speed and traffic
256-bit AES Encryption
Firewall & Snort IDS
Custom rules
24/7 support
3 device only

Let's talk security

Our specialists have different projects, which are available on GitHub, feel free to join us. Let's make it safer for others.

Other solutions

  • Penetration testing

    Penetration testing is a granted attack on computer systems, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit.

    Manual check and pro tools

    Security checks are carried out both manually and with the use of professional software.

    Friendly hacker

    Penetration tests are also sometimes called "white hat attacks" as it is done by the good guys.
  • Cloud storage

    Cloud storage has proved itself to be an invaluable part of any business and their disaster recovery plan.

    Next-generation security

    All data is encrypted plus our servers are protected with several security mechanisms to ensure that no one can access your data.

    Privacy is in your hands

    We guarantee that we do not share your information nor files with any third party company or governmental entities.
  • Secure hosting

    Website is a mirror of your company, therefore keeping your website secured from hackers will increase your confidence and reputation, thus increasing your business.

    We are on HackerOne

    Since 2017 thousand of hackers have tried to hack our servers for bounty - and no one did it.

    You are a target!

    Web servers are one of the most targeted servers, because it consist of sensitive data therefor securing a web server is more important than the website itself.
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Frequently asked questions

What does the penetration testing report contain?

Our penetration testing report contains a detailed security structure of your system, including all vulnerabilities classified from Critical to Informational, along with our suggestions.

How long does penetration testing take?

The time of testing depends on how large and complex is your system. The average time for testing and report generation is 4-5 weeks.

How much does penetration testing cost?

We are pleased to extend to you the opportunity for complimentary penetration testing services tailored for both your website and servers.

Why is penetration testing necessary?

With the growing trend of cyber attacks in the last few years, it is essential that companies are aware of this threat and can identify vulnerabilities in their systems. The most cost-effective way to reduce your risk of cyber-attacks is through penetration testing.
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