Who is Domingo Gonzales Salvador aka crypto scammer?


We have been following the activities of crypto scammers for a long period of time and have encountered yet another instance of a scammer being caught. The scammer seemed confident that he would not be traced, but he was mistaken. As a result of his actions, we will be revealing his personal information to expose them to the public. The person in this story was a failed YouTuber who turned to scamming people instead of becoming a media influencer.

Initially, we only had limited information about this scammer, including his Telegram and Discord accounts and later obtained email address.

Here is a part of Telegram chat with user "Joshua P aka scammer":

After interacting with this scammer, we made the decision to conduct a more thorough investigation. After only a few hours, we were able to gather a significant amount of information, including confirmation of his full identity.

After we obtained his LinkedIn account, we were able to access even more information. Here are all information that we knew about this rat-scammer:

His full name is: "Domingo González Salvador"

Born: "12th of March 1998"

From: "Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina"

Email address: dgonzalezsalvador98@gmail.com

Some of his passwords: domy#1111, d0my0, domisalv

Phone number: +5493415618748 or +543413460907

Worked at: Bureau Internacional | Consultoría de Empresas, Córdoba 1015, S2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Education: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and UNIVERSIDAD EMPRESARIAL SIGLO 21 - CENTRO, Ituzaingó 484, X5000IJJ Córdoba, Argentina.

Screenshot of University where he studied

Social media accounts:

Youtube: @DomySalv
Google+: @DomySalv
Twitter: @DomySalv
Facebook: @DomySalvYT

Instagram: @mundodeprimicias
Linkedin: @dgonzalezsalvador
Twitch: @1domy1

Here is also his face identity:

After gathering all information we reached out to his current or former employer. We also contacted his former teacher as well as police authorities at:


Then finally we contacted the scammer again and provided him with all of the information, images, and screenshots of our communication with his boss, police, etc. After reading our messages, the scammer deleted chat, blocked us on all platforms, and disappeared without any words. 😂

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